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All-in-One Online Notebook

FruitNotes is an easy-to-
online notebook -

 · To create, organize and
share your notes online.

 · To upload photos and
videos with every note.

· To record your voice notes over the phone. (For US and UK)

Everyone can use it.
And it is absolutely
FREE with reasonably enough space!

Record Your Voice from Phone and Share!

  1. Upload photos, videos and audios with every note.
  2. Record voice from your phone.
    what is a phone note?
  3. Share notes along with pictures, videos and audios with friends.
  4. Do private and public messaging with friends when you share notes.
  5. Publish your notes as blogs so that everyone on the web can see and read.
  6. It's all FREE with reasonably enough space for you.

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